Jazz DJ Meneer Funkel
Ferry Knijn photography


Finally some real music! Mister Funkel is an original vintage DJ. He collects and spins records from well-known and more obscure jazz musicians, with the youngest tracks a good fifty years old. Besides jazz, he also has a big passion for latin, swing, exotic, gipsy and gospel music from the same era. Listening to the original songs on vinyl brings you straight back to the classy nightclubs in the days when jazz was on the rise. And nowadays it still has the same fantastic swing!

Mister Funkel has been spinning his carefully selected records at events like North Sea Jazz, Leiden International Film Festival and the Brussels Jazz Marathon. Pure vinyl, because he believes nothing beats that warm and charming sound.

The diversity of his music makes it suitable for an huge spectrum of venues and events. Vintage dj Mister Funkel will keep your feet warm at a weddingparty or festival, or set a classy tone for more formal occasions, such as a business meeting, gallery opening, anniversary, cocktail party etc... Everything is possible!